Types of Wood

  • Oak (Rustic or Select)
    • Red Oak is a wood that is known for being very hard, heavy, and strong but is easy to work with. It has excellent sanding and finishing properties and great stability. Oak is light colored with a lot of grain. It can have red tints or some darker streaks depending on availability.
  • Maple
    • Hard Maple is used for staining while Soft Maple would be used for painting or colored lacquer. Hard Maple is dense and light in color.
  • Alder (Rustic or Select)
    • Alder is characterized by its straight grain and even texture. It has a reddish brown color that often looks similar to Cherry. Though it dents relatively easy, it offers a stable surface.
  • Birch
    • Birch is a hard, heavy close grained hardwood with a light brown or reddish colored heartwood and cream or light sapwood. Its appearance and grain closely resemble Maple.
  • Hickory (Rustic or Select)
    • Hickory is strong, hard and durable. The grain is normally straight, but can be wavy. Hickory has a coarse texture, with a great deal of color variation between reddish brown, lighter brown, and white.
  • Cherry
    • Cherry wood is moderately heavy, hard and strong. Cherry finishes beautifully. The heartwood in Cherry is red in color, and the sapwood is light pink.
  • Pine
    • Pine is a softwood, is lightweight, and straight grained. Pine is white or pale yellow in color. It resists shrinking and swelling and is often used for decorative effect.
  • Ash
    • Ash is a hard, heavy wood. It has a prominent grain that resembles Oak, and has a white to light brown color. Ash can also resemble Hickory but can be differentiated by white dots in the darker summerwood.


  • Glazed
  • Distressed
  • Various stain colors
  • Colored lacquer or clear finish

There are various types of stain colors to choose from:

Door Styles

There are many different styles and designs to choose from for doors. Ask to see the different types of options.

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